The Best Food Delivery Restaurants in Riverside, CA

Are you looking for the tastiest food delivery restaurants in Riverside, CA? Look no further! From Koya Sushi to Dave's Hot Chicken, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. With Uber Eats, you can easily explore new or nearby places to eat and order breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Plus, you can track your order minute-by-minute. When searching for the best food delivery and takeout restaurants in Riverside, consider those that have earned a high star rating from users.

Postmates offers a variety of vegetarian food options in Riverside, such as Cupcakes and Curiosities, The Asada Grill, Mirchi, Kabob-House and Donut Cravings. You can also compare the rating of a restaurant provided by Uber Eats users with the average rating of a restaurant in Riverside (4.4) to get an idea of its popularity. If you're looking for affordable food delivery in Riverside, check out Sushi R91, Castaneda's Mexican Food, Miguel's Jr. Or if you prefer to pick up your takeaway order, you can place your order online for pickup at your favorite breakfast and brunch spot in Riverside. We've partnered with around 500 restaurants and retailers in Riverside, including Frice and Riverside Thai Kitchen.

Be sure to select the location at 3820 Mulberry, Riverside, CA 92507 to get your food delivered as soon as possible. When you enter your address, you'll be able to see which establishments are already open in Riverside.