Which US City Has the Best Indian Restaurants? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to Indian cuisine, the United States has no shortage of options. From New York City to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Chicago, there are hundreds of Indian restaurants across the country. But which city has the best Indian restaurants? Arguably, New York City has the most exciting (and diverse) dining scene in the world. However, it's not necessarily the best place to find authentic Indian food.

That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to the best Indian restaurants in the United States. Read on to find out which cities have the best Indian restaurants and what dishes you should try when you visit them. The New York metropolitan area is home to more than 800 Indian restaurants, making it the highest concentration of Indian restaurants in the entire United States. UU. It is followed by the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, all of which have a wide variety of Indian restaurants.

One of the best Indian restaurants in New York is Chintan Pandya's restaurant in Long Island City, Queens. Pandya focuses on adding flavor (and often a lot of heat) to each dish, while cooking Indian dishes that don't usually bless menus. The viscera also appear on the menu in the form of chicken livers with ginger (tawa kaleji) and fiery goat brains (bheja fry). In San Francisco, Vik's Chaat Corner is a must-visit for lovers of Indian food.

The menu is packed with traditional Indian cuisine with classic South Indian dishes. Mixed dishes abound here, offering small samples of a variety of delicacies, such as different types of puri, pakoras, samosas and their popular cholle bhature (also known as “the big, puffy thing”). Washington D. C.

is home to two popular modern Indian restaurants: Rasika West End and Rasika Penn Quarter. The menu includes dishes such as lobster pulao and apple jalebi fritters, as well as more varieties of seafood than in a standard Indian restaurant. Indigo in Washington D. is another great option for family-friendly Indian cuisine.

The recipes that are prepared here have been transmitted from generation to generation by the Tandon family, owner of the establishment. Here you can create your own meal from a variety of classic Indian dishes and sides. The Bombay Club in Washington D. is a high-end Indian restaurant that is a popular lunchtime meeting place for businessmen and politicians. The menu not only includes dishes from Bombay (or Bombay), but also dishes from the various gastronomic regions of India such as Bengali fish curry, gosht nalli shrimp moilee and chicken and asparagus rizzala. Finally, if you're ever at Walt Disney World be sure to try Bombay Darbar at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

This quaint hideaway combines African cuisine ingredients with condiments from India for a unique flavor experience.